Twitter now lets listen to songs directly from the timeline

Twitter now lets listen to songs directly from the timeline

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Twitter continues to evolve its services where daily social network users worldwide share millions of messages.This time they updated the social networking site and now it will give something more to the users than before.

In recent times we have seen integrated services like YouTube to display videos directly on publications or visual enhancement inserted inside another tweet.Now, this time Twitter is associated with SoundCloud, the music platform content, so, if you share any song, podcast or generally any audio track stored in SoundCloud on Twitter, you will be able to hear the track directly from Timeline.


Twitter and SoundCloud join forces to boost your Timeline

Thus, if we find a tweet that has a SoundCloud track, we can give the Play and automatically it will begin to play the song, while we continue to review the rest of the timeline without cutting playback.

Besides the sound,it will also show you cover of the album / song, artist information or similar content to discover new music, all without interrupting what you hear. This function is available and appears on both the web version and apps for iOS and Android, you can download it from Google Play and enjoy the enhancements made by the social networking giants.

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