Put your notifications in a widget with NotifWidget

Put your notifications in a widget with NotifWidget

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The Android notification bar is definitely one of the strongest points of the Google operating system.From here we have access to all of our social networking notifications, messaging, games, phone calls and the list goes on and on. But while the notification bar is in a fairly mature stage, we have found an application that can be very useful especially if you are constantly using it,so knowing about NotifWidget can be a lifesaver for many.

Spare us from the swipe gesture notification bar. That’s the thing being proposed by the creators of NotifWidget ,a widget that is equal to our notification bar. If we put it in the center of a desk or on the lock screen we can see all notifications in exactly the same way as we see in the notification bar, plus if you notice requires some secondary action which will also appear in NotifWidget.


Once we installed we have to give access to NotifWidget so we can access them, then as we see in Free Android only we put on our desk. NotifWidget lets us put more than one widget, even the delete button is all notices available.

We have seen similar applications like heads-up that show notifications in floating windows, even the new version of Android 5.0 Lollipop further refines our notification bar. However NotifWidget has something that I liked, in my case I usually use Nova Launcher and always carry hidden notification bar, so in cases where users like myself have hidden such notification bar,this application may be quite useful.

NotifWidget is on Google Play at a price of 0.99 euros , so if you are someone who throws a lot of the notification bar than there is a good chance that NotifWidget might be liked by you.

What did you think of NotifWidget? Do you think it can replace our notification bar?




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