How to get unlimited Robux and Tickets for free

How to get unlimited Robux and Tickets for free

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All of us that have played Roblox, know that it is a very cool game, but sometimes it is just frustrating when you don’t have enough Robux and/or Tickets and you don’t want to spend any money on it.

We have received questions from people all over the world asking us whether is there a shortcut, and whether is it possible to get robux and tickets for free?

Fortunately, the answer is YES!

So how does it works and where can you claim your free robux and free tix for roblox? Actually it is very simple and takes only few minutes, so just follow our tips below and soon, like Uncle Scrooge, you will be able to swim not in the cash, but even better… Robux!

So what do you have to do in order to get Robux for free?

Well, it’s rather simple. There is a way to get Roblox Card completely for free, which you can redeem on Robux official site.

The best thing is this is completely legit and your account is not at any risk! The giftcards are paid for by the sponsors. We make revenue from serving ads on our site and on top of that, from time to time we are paid from our sponsors to host these promotions, where you can get roblox giftcards and eventually robux completely for free!

So follow these simple steps listed below, in order to get your Roblox Giftcard completely for free within just a few minutes.

If however, you are wondering how does the system works or if you have any kind of problems getting the freebies, you can simply watch the tutorial video accessible on the right side of the page!

Free robux tutorial
Free robux tutorial

  1. Visit the website:

    So this is a rather simple step and shouldn’t really need any kind of annotations. Basically all you have to do is visit the link above by clicking on it. You will be taken to our sponsors site, which distributes the Robux giftcards that accredit robux to your account completely for free.

  2. Select your region:
    Select your region

  3. Complete human verification.
    Note this step is necessary, you have to choose one of the offers. This is the only way we can protect ourselves from spammers and bots trying to take all of our Giftcards. By completing the offer you will validate yourselve as an legitimate user. The offers are quick, easy and free to complete. It should not take more than a couple of minutes, but remember, that all you have to do is sacrifice a few minutes of your time in order to gain roblox giftcard for free. Nowhere else can this be done, and we serve hundreds of users every day!
  4. Referr your friends
    Share the link on your Social media accounts(Facebook, twitter), or simply message your friends on Skype, Discord or any other kind of messaging system. Sharing is caring, and this way you will be spreading the word about our services, letting your friends know about the place where they can get some Robux for free as well!
    This takes on average few minutes and you wouldn’t believe how fast people will click on your links when they know there are some freebies to receive. Not to mention how thankful they will be later!
  5. Receive the giftcard code
    You will receive the code of the Giftcard on the website instantly. Yes, it was as simple as that. On average it takes 7minutes from the time of visit the website, till the code is redeemed and 99% of the users were happy with the experience, after all it is only 7 minutes for a giftcard that can be redeemed for some free Robux!
  6. Redeem the Giftcard on Roblox site
    Just head to the Roblox website and redeem the code. The success message will display and robux will be accredited to your account! That’s it, it is AS simple AS that!

You’ve made it to an end of this tutorial. We would like to thank our sponsors, FreeGameBay for supplying us with all of the Giftcards, bonuses and so much more. As well to you, our visitors for using our service. If you are wondering, why are we thanking you and not vice versa since you are the one who received robux for free, it’s because we serve the ads to our visitors from which we gain revenue, but majority of our funding is done through promotions like this one. In order to spread the word around about your game or service, such as Roblox, they have to advertise somehow, and promotions like this one gain them a lot of players, and we are just the ones to spread the word and help distributing the giftcards to all readers of our blog! It does not cost them anything to generate giftcards, and they gain players who tell their friends and it’s a win-win situation for everbody!

Basically this tutorial is pretty much straight-forward and you don’t actually have to read all of the steps. Just go to the link by clickin on the Click here button and just follow the steps on the site(Choose region, complete quick offer, social share, get Roblox Giftcard, enjoy free Robux)!


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