Facebook agrees with Samsung to manufacture its next smartphone

Facebook agrees with Samsung to manufacture its next smartphone

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Samsung First

Facebook wants to keep trying and wants to have its smartphone. They seem to have learned after the first disastrous attempt to get a smartphone. But do not worry, as they have found an ally with whom they share many interests. It is, according to Korean Herald and the Wall Street Journal is Samsung . The Korean giant seeks to flee the Google ecosystem.All to get on Facebook, but this does not seem to worry them.

Senior executives from Facebook and Samsung have held several meetings in which they have agreed to jointly build a terminal. We hope though, that Android remains as before. Facebook has invested many resources in OS and Tizen and does not seem to already have the approval of Samsung, at least not in the field of smartphones.

Samsung and Facebook for each other

Zuckerberg’s social network looks as usual; strengthen its position in the mobile world, while Samsung wants to improve their business content. The idea is that the two have shared a common strategy and rival named Google . Samsung has recently shared works with Facebook and the VR Gear is a clear example of that mutual bond.

Facebook and Samsung

This terminal would have the Samsung launcher Facebook Home pre-installed and would have some Samsung music services and access to Apps of Galaxy.

Facebook knows that if he wants to at least put a dent must stake everything and we repeat that Samsung is the best placed to meet your needs. Two companies, two giants in very comfortable positions in their business field but still they want to grow more. Both the giants are trying every now and then to make more financially and so they are the perfect duo for such a new project without any doubt.

First HTC forgotten, this time will be different

If this alliance materializes, Facebook will finally have hardware support to expand their apps that actually already installed on millions of Android. Samsung will finally have allegedly selling a device in which it is not bound by the requirements imposed by Google. We expect errors like First HTC not be committed again.

From here we support this union because it means more competition in the Android scene. But what we really like to see is more innovation as they have done with Oculus Gear and VR. A commitment that goes beyond a single launcher .

A device other than as offered by Amazon with its Firephone. Yes, I wish  Facebook understands that if he wants to reach all pockets then they can not accept the pricing strategy of its ally.

What do you think about this new project including Facebook & Samsung?Do you think it will be a success or another failure attempt?Free feel to comment.




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