Download and Play the Shadow Fight 2

Download and Play the Shadow Fight 2

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Shadow Fight 2

There are many ways to eliminate the stress we are under.This stress can get to us very badly and to get rid of this there is no better way than video games.Video games have become a double-edged sword to have two objectives: to amuse and entertain. In some unloaded our discomfort kicking a ball other draining our loading on the head of a poor zombie and others are more calm and we squeeze the brain with impossible puzzles and The Room Two.Now let’s get rid of that anger we have with some violence.And the best option to do so is the new Shadow Fight 2.

Story and gameplay

Following in the short video or we can say the trailer of the Shadow Fight 2 in which the narrator tells us the story of these six worlds full of enemies and reigns for heroes from the shadows, access a well designed menu that will serve greatly with an addition to manage game options, train against a sack. After a brief tutorial we will fight for the first time and later force us to buy our first gun. Our character has suffered a curse that has engulfed in darkness,which should come out with blows.

In the drop-down menu button you can access the store of weapons, map of the realms where we have still enemies to defeat appears a section in which to improve our skills and sound options, graphics, language, etc. We will even have direct access to purchase the game’s soundtrack on Google Play.

The control is simple yet very full time, because with just two buttons and a virtual stick we can perform dozens of combos . We will have the kick and punch buttons. When we have weapons in the fight, the punch button will be used to fight with those weapons. When we have more than one or two weapons, their will appear 4 action buttons on the right of the screen.

We will have 6 realms that go to deliver firewood . We present a list of characters that have to deal before facing the head of each kingdom hero in each of them. As with any fighting game, it will be increasingly difficult to finish two rounds with opponents the more it approaches the time of the final boss.To increase our level best we will enroll in wrestling tournaments that are organized from time to time in the history of the game. So win gold coins and gems with which to invest in weapons, spells, shields and specialized training .

Our character is a ninja warrior lost in the shadows, so we can not see his face at any time . The fights will also take place in the shadows, so we will only see two black silhouettes fighting to the death. At various times, and when our fighter level is high, we will have the opportunity to buy magic to kill enemies in one go.

Shadow Fight 2

Paragraph graphic and sound

Shadow Fight 2 has become in a few weeks as a reference to the fighting games in mobile platforms. A game in which the movement that we see are completely fluid and real, in which we are given a wonderful sound, and where we have hundreds of possibilities of movement. We notice that this issue has been very careful in every detail. It is recommended to play with headphones and a team that has at least two cores and 1GB of RAM. The game deserves to be enjoyed in a high-end.


Shadow Fight 2 has every chance to become the best fighting game of this year and it takes little time looking at the market.Due to its graphic and wonderful sound effect for fluency treasured for its price (free with few purchased at online shop),it is sure to succeed.

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