Download Fruit Ninja for PC Easiest Method (Windows 7/8/Vista/XP, Mac)

Download Fruit Ninja for PC Easiest Method (Windows 7/8/Vista/XP, Mac)

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Fruit ninja is a very popular game and today we are providing a toturial on how you can download and run fruit ninja for PC. Fruit Ninja is an amazing game and the concept is simply. TO those new to the game, all you have to do is to cut the fruits jumping up with your katana to get maximum points. Fruit Ninja is a very popular game with tons of downloads and playing a game like this required some amazing skills to pace up the game to a maximum scores. So this thought came to us; why not share with our readers a step by step guide on how to downlad Fruit Ninja for PC? It’s definitely going to be a great fun on your PC. The steps listed below are simple ways to download and run fruid ninja on your PC but before that, here are some android apps you can also download for PC.


Now back to steps on how to download fruit ninja for PC!

How to download Fruit Ninja for PC?

There are majorly two ways to download Fruit Ninja for PC.

first step to Download Fruit Ninja for PC

You’ll need to search for APK file of fruit ninja on search engines like google. There are tons of sites out there ehere you can download the file and after searching and downloading the APK file from any sites online then head up to step 2 below. If you’re not interested in this step then you can use the alternative method below.

Second step to Download Fruit Ninja for PC

To those who aren’t interested in downloading the APK file in step one above, you’ll need a working internet connetion in order to use this alternative method. Here’s you’ll download and install the file without worrying to search for the APK file on google. Feel free, if you’re not interested in download in the APK file then skip and continue reading below for the second method to download fruit ninja for PC.

How to Install Fruit Ninja on PC?


The next step is to download an android emulator in order to run the app on your PC. You can eith go for Bluestacks, IntelAppUp, youwave or Andy but I’ll you to go for BlueStacks. Bluestacks is emulator software for windows and Mac and it’s quite similar to Andy, it lets you play Android apps on PC. Don’t forget to check out our post on how to install and run Android apps on PC.

To Download BlueStacks click here

fruit ninja for pc download

After you’ve downloaded the emulator, Bluestacks; install it on your PC just the way you install other applications. Here there are 2 methods on how to install Fruit Ninja for PC or computer.

First method to Install Fruit Ninja on PC

You can install Fruit Ninja on PC using the downloaded apk file that’s if you followed step 1 method above; i.e. by downloading the apk files of Fruit Ninja. You need to use the apk file that you have downloaded in step 1. The next step is to go to the downloaded APK file and open it with Bluestacks, and it will be automatically installed on your PC.

Second method to Install Fruit Ninja on PC

This is for those who choose not to download the APK file. i.e those that choose the second step above. Open the Bluestacks app you’ve downloaded and installed then search for Fruit Ninja by typing the exact keywords in the search bar just the way you search for apps in google paly. After success in searching, install Fruit Ninja by clicking on it and tada! Now you have successfully installed Fruit Ninja for PC.

How to run Fruit Ninja on pc or computer?

It’s very simple and easy to run Fruit Ninja after installing it on your pc. To run and play Fruit Ninja on pc you will need to go to the that’s all. look for the folder named apps and you will find Fruit Ninja application in that folder. Then click twice on Fruit Ninja to launch the game.

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