Chrome to incorporate default Ad-blocker for annoying ads

Chrome to incorporate default Ad-blocker for annoying ads

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All the annoying ads popping over your screen and opening new tabs and windows – Google has decided to put that to an end. They plan on creating an ad-blocking feature packed with Chrome on both mobile and desktop version by default.

They will target ads that make browsing the websites unappealing and annoying with the apparent goal of creating a better user experience.

Now if you might be wondering how will they pick out the unappealing ad types, it will be directed by the so-called “coalition for better ads” standards. Among the soon to be banned ads belong all kind of pop ups and pop unders, the automatically played videos and the ads with unacceptable and unpleasant countdown timers.

It more seems google is trying to kill two birds with one stone. Everyone hates ads and this is a welcomed feature by Chrome users, however Google is the one making revenue off advertising, so one might wonder how does that benefits them? Well it’s simple, they are surely not going to block ads of their own, but ads of their competitors, increasing their advertising monopol, revenue, making their browser Chrome even more popular and generating more revenue.

Through the years Chrome continues to gain popularity and as seen from the picture below, it is steadily gaining users. For a reference, chrome was published in 2008 and since then it’s usage has increased by around 10% each year. As it holds the majority of population already, the growth cannot go further exponentially, but still the Chrome seems to be taking over the market.
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Is this a good thing, will this make you switch to Chrome from other browsers? Do you dislike such actions of Google maye trying to impose censorship over internet? Please post your oppinion in comments below, and let us know!


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