Camera 360 for PC and Mac Download

Camera 360 for PC and Mac Download

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download camera360 for pc

I case you don’t know, Camera360 is one of PC World’s Top 100 Tech Products, that was in in 2011. As a matter of fact, it is the world’s leading camera application for Android and iPhone. This app has some effects like filters to make your photo look better and it”s currently having up to 200 million users worldwide. Make it easy to share pictures to social media platforms directly from the app, camera360 has turned into an app for everybody. This is an app every smart phone user must have.


Features and Qualities of camera 360 :

1. Camera Store.

8 quality cameras of Camera360 are moved to “Camera Store” in the camera store, you can manage and add only the camer of your choice. You can either dislike it? like it! get it?  Do not like it any more? Forget it? or even Delete it.

2. Effect Store & New Effects.
There are tons of effects available in the effect Store and here you can add and manage the effect of your choice. This time 13 is a effect which just joined the effect store. So you feel free to edit your pics till you’re satisfied.

3. User Friendly Photo Album
For ease in searching photos, they are arranged according to time in Camera360 albumnt. You can also browse the photos on your phone through the camser360 app, you find your photos simply navigate to the other phots album and you’ll find it.

4. Smart Cloud Services
You can store your photos safely on smart cloud album as well as editing and managing the photos.The application also supports sharing and many more. Under the upload settings of Camera360 Cloud, it Supports auto synchronization . You can as well browse your photos on your different end devices.

5. Photo Edit
You can ehance your photo by adding some effect and camera360 has multiple effects which can be added to just one photo.

6. Photo Share
Photos can now be shared with ease directly from the app, camera360 directly to social media platforms like, facebook. twitter, linkedin and many more.

How to install Camera 360 on PC :

Camera 360 is not officially available for Windows PC but the good news is that you can download this application with ease on your PC with the aid of an android emulator.

How to install Camera 360 on PC :

1. Search and download an Android emulator for your PC. There are many like bluestack, andy and more but we’ll suggest you to go for “Andy” android emulator.

2. click here to download Andy : Download Andy.

3. After you’ve download Andy, install and run it on your PC

4. After running Andy, login to the google play store

5. There you can search for and download the application Camera 360.

6. Installed at last, now you can use this application on your PC

If you find this tutorial helpful why not share it with your friends on social media by clicking the link below. Do let us know in the comments if you have any difficulty in downloading or your experience with the app.


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